• Light Field, The Art of Bruce Munro - Fiona Gruber
  • Light Field, The Art of Bruce Munro - Fiona Gruber

Light Field, The Art of Bruce Munro - Fiona Gruber

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A detailed discussion of Munro’s spectacular large-scale immersive art
installations, including the Field of Light series, in striking locations in the USA,
Australia, Japan, the UK and Scandinavia.

Starting his career in commercial lighting design, Bruce Munro (b.1959) later
returned to his artistic roots to create large immersive site-specific light installations
born from his fertile imagination.

Exploring Munro’s fascinating career to date, text and images combine to present
an artist whose work is an exploration of place, topography and the environments
in which the works are set. From the Australian desert to Californian vineyards,
through to museums and manor houses in his native England, Munro’s spellbinding
installations are immersive experiences that engage with the senses, their apparent
simplicity belying the thematic and technological complexity behind their conception
and realisation.

Continually probing the possibilities of light and the considerable emotional pull the
medium can create, Munro’s enthusiasm for his materials and their relationship with
audiences and environments is intelligently and engagingly communicated here.
Richly balanced with beautiful reproductions of Munro’s spectacular work, Light Field
is essential reading for anyone interested in the power of light as an artform.


Fiona Gruber is an arts journalist, essayist, broadcaster and radio documentary maker. She has written on the arts for major Australian and UK newspapers and art journals including the Australian, Art World Australia, The Guardian and the Times Literary Supplement. Her work for the Australian Broadcasting Corporation’s Radio National includes a ten part series, ‘Australian Portraits’

270 × 249 mm

136 pages