• Sunday's Kitchen Food & Living at Heide

Sunday's Kitchen Food & Living at Heide

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Sunday's Kitchen: Food & Living at Heide

Sunday's Kitchen explores food and life at Heide, the home and personal Eden of two of Australia's most significant art benefactors, John and Sunday Reed.

Settling on the fifteen-acre property in 1935, the Reeds transformed it from a treeless, run-down dairy farm into a productive garden and fertile creative space. They extended their hospitality and resources to now-famous artists such as Sidney Nolan, Albert Tucker, Joy Hester and Charles Blackman, helping inspire a spirited and ambitious period of cultural achievement that has become integral to the history of art in Australia.

A passionate cook and gardener, who believed in home-grown produce, seasonal cooking and a communal table, Sunday created a pastoral paradise where big ideas could be explored both on canvas, in books and in the kitchen.

Sunday's Kitchen is a superb collection of art, photographs of the artists in their much-loved home and garden with simple home recipes from Sunday's personal collection.

Authors: Lesley Harding, Kendrah Morgan

First published in 2010 by The Miegunyah Press, an imprint of Melbourne University Publishing, in association with Heide Museum of Modern Art. Reprinted in 2010 and 2017.

ISBN: 9780522858532 (paperback)