• David Thomas Heide Love Poem To Life

David Thomas Heide Love Poem To Life

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Love Poem to Life is a site-responsive exhibition by the Melbourne artist David Thomas that references the history, architecture and atmosphere of Heide Modern. Thomas’s work explores the contemplative and experiential function of painting in the contemporary world, and in particular how it can affect our perception of space and time, knowing and feeling. For this project he has ascribed each room in the building with a value or proposition, using the formal means of movement, duration, colour and space to generate emotional and conceptual responses from the viewer. Featuring a number of new paintings and sculptures made especially for the exhibition, Love Poem to Life offers a unique view into the artist’s reflections on Heide past and present.

Produce in small edition, this full colour catalogue selected essays and notes by the artist.

210 pages, soft cover with fold-out postersleeve.