• Japandi Style - Agata Toromanoff

Japandi Style - Agata Toromanoff

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Japandi Style - Agata Toromanoff

Japandi is the newest and hottest trend in interiors: a harmonious combination of functionality, comfort, and the minimalist look that characterises Scandinavian design, with the purest elegance of traditional Japanese craftsmanship. Japandi harmoniously blends Scandinavian hygge with wabi-sabi, a concept derived from Zen Buddhism that advocates peaceful sobriety and invites us to admire the beauty hidden in slight imperfections in nature. This first major survey of Japandi style will introduce the reader to the fundamentals, and to iconic objects that will transform an interior into a Japandi-inspired retreat. Chapter one of the book examines the converging principles that have contributed to the emergence of Japandi Style such as functionality, neutral colours, the importance of organic materials, and the thoughtful simplicity of shapes. Chapter two presents some of the most emblematic works of Japandi Style, and the design studios behind them. Chapter three gives examples of how to decorate and furnish rooms - the living room, dining room, bedroom, bathroom, winter garden, or home office - in Japandi Style. AUTHORS: Agata Toromanoff is an art and design historian who has curated numerous contemporary art projects. She has written features for the art press and is the author of several books, including Chairs by Architects (2016), Sofas: 340 Iconic Designs (2018), Vases: 250 State-of-the-Art Designs (2019) and Designs for Children (2022). Pierre Toromanoff studied mathematics and Russian literature. After a career of over twenty years in the book industry as international sales manager and then as managing director for several art publishers, he co-founded with his wife Agata a book packaging agency in 2014. Since then, he has authored several publications on contemporary art, pop culture, and fashion. SELLING POINTS: . The first in-depth survey of Japandi, a hybrid style that is the newest and hottest trend in interior design . Explores the fundamentals of Japanese and Scandi design traditions, and explains why they work so well together . With 200 colour photographs that will provide inspiration for transforming any interior into a Japandi-style retreat