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Living in Landscape

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Living in Landscape: Heide and houses by McGlashan and Everist

'For John and Sunday Reed, the building of Heide II heralded a new chapter in their lives, moving them closer to their vision of achieving a local Museum of Modern Art. Envisaged as a building with a dual function, first for living but with a view to becoming a gallery in the future, Heide II was commissioned in1963 and conceived foremost as a place for experiencing art and the natural environment.'

-excerpt from the Introduction by Linda Short & Zara Stanhope

This 96 page publication explores the residential projects of McGlashan Everist with contributions from Neil Everist, Philip Goad and Judith Trimble.

Published in 2006, reprinted 2012 by Heide Museum of Modern Art

ISBN: 0947104852