• Mikayla Dwyer: Drawing the Moon

Mikayla Dwyer: Drawing the Moon

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For more than 20 years, installation artist Mikayla Dwyer has pushed the boundaries of her discipline, working both with and against the built space that encases her work.

Dwyer’s works are highly experiential, as her installations and sculptures attempt to confront the malleable nature of our relationship to objects and architectural space. Her work also addresses themes of sexuality, ritual, myth and our connection to space, as prevalent in her ‘Drawing the Moon’ series, in which the artist engages with the Occult.

Drawing the Moon documents Dwyer’s exploration of this dark and enigmatic theme through a series of detailed installation stills.


120 pages

22 x 35 x 3 cm

Hardcover with dust jacket

Published by IMA

ISBN: 978-1-87579-213-9