• Mirka Mora Bridge set

Mirka Mora Bridge set

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Sit down to a game of bridge, snap, go fish, anything you can imagine. Mirka Mora was one of Melbourne’s most imaginative and treasured artists, this bridge set is a spectacular way to bring art into the home, play with adults, learn with children and celebrate the artist. Includes two 52 card decks with the artwork of Mirka Mora.

Artist Description

Mirka Mora was a tour de force of vibrancy, personality and creativity, a true icon and one of Melbourne’s most treasured contemporary artists. Arriving in Melbourne from Paris in 1951 and narrowly escaping Auschwitz as a child, Mirka and her husband Georges became fixtures and trailblazers in the contemporary art scene. Through an array of techniques spanning from painting and drawing to embroidery and doll making, Mirka used her art to make sense of her youth, celebrate the strength of humanity and explore the eternal wonder of imagination.


-Card size: 9cm x 5.8cm ( 3.5" x 2.2'')