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Nell The Wake

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This special book presents 41 sculptural works that function together as a series entitled ‘The Wake’.

Embodying emotive and sensitive subjects, this series is unpacked through a selection of intimate essays. Created by Nell during a period of mourning, the individual works in the series mark a distinct effigy that together point to the overarching complexities of love and loss.

In her contributing essay, art historian Julie Ewington describes the body of work as a “maelstrom of joy and tears, emoji grins as well as grimaces.” With this body of work now a part of the Art Gallery of South Australia collection, this publication offers a unique view point to the powerful ideas connected to ‘The Wake.’


Limited edition of 1000

108 pages

25.2 x 17.2 x 1 cm

Hardcover Published by STATION

ISBN: 978-1-921668-29-6